Ballot Measure B

Title Content Type Post date
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City of Alameda Press Release: City of Alameda Will Continue Efforts to Redevelop Alameda Point, February 5, 2010 Documents 02/05/2010
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Alameda County Registrar of Voters: Election Results, February 3, 2010 Documents 02/03/2010
San Jose Mercury: Measure B dealt crushing defeat in Alameda Story 02/03/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Voters rejecting Alameda development project Story 02/02/2010
Second Pre Election Campaign Filings and Amendments, February 1, 2010 Documents 02/02/2010
Late Contribution and Expenditure Campaign Filings, February 2, 2010 Documents 02/02/2010
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The Island: SUNCAL THROWS IN THE TOWEL Story 02/01/2010
Oakland Tribune: Alameda developer expects to lose Tuesday's election Story 02/01/2010
Latest Campaign Finance Disclosures, Protect the Point, January 27, 2010 Documents 01/31/2010
Latest Campaign Finance Disclosures, No on B, January 27, 2010 Documents 01/31/2010
KGO-TV; Voters to decide on Alameda Naval Air Station project Story 01/30/2010
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Alameda Journal: SunCal submits revised plan for Alameda Point Story 01/21/2010
Press Release from Greenbelt Alliance Endorsing Measure B Documents 01/21/2010
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