Bankruptcy foreclosure and problem projects

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Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding the City Manager to Execute Documents Necessary to Implement the Terms of a Ten-Year Lease with Two Ten-Year Renewal Options and an Option to Purchase with Alameda Pt Redevelopers, March 15, 2016 Documents 03/03/2016
San Francisco Chronicle: Judge's ruling makes Oak Knoll's future a mystery, March 10, 2012 Story 03/10/2012
Wall Street Journal: Slimmer SunCal Steps Up Deals, August 3, 2011 Story 08/03/2011
MarketWatch: Lehman resists Suncal 'end run' around bankruptcy, May 25, 2011 Story 05/25/2011
San Francisco Chronicle: Ex-Navy bases in Bay Area remain stuck in limbo, April 18, 2011 Story 04/20/2011
Orange County Business Journal: SunCal Back in Game on Auction, Army Deal, April 17, 2011 Story 04/17/2011
San Francisco Chronicle: Former US Navy hospital blown up in Oakland Hills, April 8, 2011 Story 04/08/2011
San Jose Mercury: Oak Knoll Naval Hospital to be imploded Friday, April 4, 2011 Story 04/04/2011
Wall Street Journal: Judge Sides With Barclays in Lehman Discount Suit, February 22, 2011 Story 02/22/2011
Oakland Tribune: Oak Knoll Naval Hospital to be demolished, January 11, 2011 Story 01/12/2011
Wall Street Journal: Lehman Brothers Compromise Paves Way For Real-Estate Sales, December 28, 2010 Story 12/27/2010
Orange County Business Journal: Three Stalled SunCal Developments Could Be Sold, December 27, 2010 Story 12/27/2010
San Francisco Examiner: Oakland Waits to Catch a Break, December 20, 2010 Story 12/20/2010
Wall Street Journal: Appeals Court Blocks SunCal From Suing Lehman Brothers, December 8, 2010 Story 12/09/2010
East Bay Express: No Decision in Oakland-SunCal-Lehman Fight Over Oak Knoll, November 8, 2010 Story 11/09/2010
East Bay Express: Will Lehman Abandon Oak Knoll?, November 3, 2010 Story 11/04/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council to Consider Request from Alameda Point Collaborative to Support their Community Planning Efforts by Reimbursing Unpaid SunCal Consultant Expenses..., November 3, 2010 Documents 10/31/2010
Dow Jones Daily Bankruptcy Review: Lehman Blasts SunCal Over Bankruptcy Court 'Gamesmanship', October 20, 2010 Story 10/21/2010
Big Builder News: Ex-SunCal Execs Begin Anew [Argent Management], October 14, 2010 Story 10/16/2010
Wall Street Journal: D.E. Shaw Land Bet Proves a Quant's Quagmire, October 13, 2010 Story 10/12/2010
San Clemente Times: SunCal CEO Facing Possible $230 Million Hit, October 7, 2010 Story 10/07/2010
Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Claim Jumper, Lehman, DBSD, QOC, Visteon: Bankruptcy, October 4, 2010 Story 10/04/2010
Wall Street Journal: Real Estate Stings a Backer [SunCal], September 28, 2010 Story 09/28/2010
Albuquerque Journal: SunCal Project Sold for $148 Million, September 17, 2010 Story 09/17/2010
Orange County Business Journal: SunCal’s N.M. Land Out of Bankruptcy, in Receivership Story 08/08/2010
KPIX: Fire Risk At Old Oakland Naval Hospital Site Story 06/30/2010
Wall Street Journal: Judge Clears Lehman To Close Fenway Deal Over SunCal Protest Story 06/17/2010
Ventura County Star: Ownership of illegal dump on Teal Club Road in dispute Story 06/17/2010
Albuquerque Journal: 'Financial Pipe Dream': Westland's Undeveloped West Mesa Tract Put in Receivership Story 06/15/2010
BusinessWeek: SunCal Appeals Judge’s Ruling on California Projects Story 05/28/2010