Environmental Issues

Title Content Type Post date
Alameda Sun: New WETA Facility Raising Concerns, February, 26, 2015 Story 02/27/2015
Memo Regarding Ordinance Authorizing the Interim City Manager to Execute a Fifteen-Year Lease with Two Five-Year Options to Extend, Substantially in the Form of the Attached, with Nautilus Data Technologies, April 2, 2019 Documents 03/21/2019
Alameda Sun: New EIR Required for VA Project, March 21, 2019 Story 03/20/2019
East Bay Times: Work on national cemetery in Alameda could start next year, March 16, 2019 Story 03/16/2019
Alameda Magazine: Alameda Point Park Moves Closer to Reality, March 4, 2019 Story 03/05/2019
Memo Regarding Scope of the Environmental Impact Report for the Veterans Administration Multi-Specialty Outpatient Clinic and National Cemetery Project, March 11, 2019 Documents 03/01/2019
Memo Regarding Ordinance Authorizing the Interim City Manager to Negotiate and Execute a Fifteen-Year Lease with Ten- and Five-Year Options to Extend, Substantially in the Form of the Attached, with Nautilus Data Technologies, Inc., February 19, 2019 Documents 02/07/2019
Alameda Sun: Ocean Cleanup Hits Snag, in for Repair, January 10, 2019 Story 01/12/2019
Alameda Sun: Navy to Create New Wetlands at Point, January 3, 2019 Story 01/05/2019
KPIX5: Ocean Cleanup Rig Returning To Alameda Port To Address Equipment Issues, December 31, 2018 Story 01/02/2019
East Bay Times: Ferry maintenance center opens in Alameda, December 14, 2018 Story 12/14/2018
Alameda Magazine: Alameda Ferry Center Is Full Steam Ahead, December 3, 2018 Story 12/04/2018
East Bay Times: Preventing birds from flying into glass buildings is aim of Alameda’ proposed law, November 21, 2018 Story 11/22/2018
The Daily Californian: Environmentalists criticize Urban Shield for operating on nature reserve, November 7, 2018 Story 11/08/2018
East Bay Express: Guns Versus Birds at the Point, October 31, 2018 Story 10/31/2018
CBS SFOcean Cleanup Clears Open-Sea Trial, Heads to Great Pacific Garbage Patch, October 6, 2018 Bay Area: Story 10/07/2018
ABC7News: Curiosity, concern over mysterious rocket being built in East Bay, September 26, 2018 Story 09/26/2018
KRON: Alameda Ocean Cleanup, September 7, 2018 Story 09/08/2018
Alameda Sun: Ocean Cleanup Set to Launch, September 4, 2018 Story 09/06/2018
Alameda Sun: Bottlenose Dolphins Pay Visit to Alameda Point Breakwater Island, August 16, 2018 Story 08/20/2018
San Francisco Chronicle: How to eliminate the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, August 3, 2018 Story 08/04/2018
Memo Regarding Recommendation to Authorize the Acting City Manager to Execute a One-Year Agreement with Terraphase Engineering in an Amount Not to Exceed $143,900, with the Option of Three One-Year Extensions, for a Total Four-Year Expend, July 10, 2018 Documents 07/11/2018
Alameda Sun: Demolition Underway at Alameda Point, June 21, 2018 Story 06/23/2018
NBC News: A young Dutch inventor wants to clean plastic from the ocean. Can he do it?, June 13, 2018 Story 06/13/2018
ABC7News: The Ocean Cleanup prepares to fight plastic with plastic in Alameda, April 18, 2018 Story 04/19/2018
KTVU: World's first ocean cleanup system to be launched from Alameda, April 18, 2018 Story 04/19/2018
Alameda Sun: Navy Shows Final Cleanup Plan, April 17, 2018 Story 04/18/2018
Memo Regarding Certificate of Approval & Design Review - Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal, April 18, 2018 Documents 04/15/2018
Alameda Magazine: Infrastructure Bond in Limbo, April 2, 2018 Story 04/03/2018
Alameda Sun: Seaplane Landings Draw Rebuke, February 20, 2018 Story 02/22/2018