East Bay Express: Borrowing Bay Water in Alameda, June 18, 2019


However, the Northern Alameda County chapter of the Sierra Club takes issue with that claim. "At the projected volume of 10,000 gallons per minute, the heat being transferred to the Bay will maintain a permanently warmer zone of water next to the rock wall jetty at Alameda Point," Sierra Club chair and Berkeley councilwoman Sophie Hahn wrote in a letter to the Alameda council. "Movement of the tides will not permanently dissipate the relentless infusion of warmer water into the Bay. The San Francisco Bay and its delicate marine ecosystem is already under enough pressure. Adding another impact from warm water discharge is too risky, especially when there is no compelling reason for a data storage facility on the Bay shoreline."

Connaughton disputes that. If the scenario laid out by the Sierra Club and other were proven, he said, then Nautilus would not want to proceed. "That is not the objective of our project," he said.