Lehman Brothers

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San Francisco Chronicle: Judge's ruling makes Oak Knoll's future a mystery, March 10, 2012 Story 03/10/2012
BusinessWeek: Lehman, SunCal End Bankruptcy Fight Over California Projects, October 24, 2011 Story 10/24/2011
Wall Street Journal: Lehman, SunCal Settle Bankruptcy Dispute, October 25, 2011 Story 10/24/2011
Wall Street Journal: Market Watch: Lehman, SunCal to face off in bankruptcy court, October 21, 2011 Story 10/22/2011
Russell Resources Inc.: Alameda Point RAB Meeting, Highlights and Analysis, September 1 , 2011 Documents 09/26/2011
Wall Street Journal: Slimmer SunCal Steps Up Deals, August 3, 2011 Story 08/03/2011
MarketWatch: Lehman resists Suncal 'end run' around bankruptcy, May 25, 2011 Story 05/25/2011
Orange County Business Journal: SunCal Back in Game on Auction, Army Deal, April 17, 2011 Story 04/17/2011
San Francisco Chronicle: Former US Navy hospital blown up in Oakland Hills, April 8, 2011 Story 04/08/2011
Wall Street Journal: Judge Sides With Barclays in Lehman Discount Suit, February 22, 2011 Story 02/22/2011
Oakland Tribune: Oak Knoll Naval Hospital to be demolished, January 11, 2011 Story 01/12/2011
Wall Street Journal: Lehman Brothers Compromise Paves Way For Real-Estate Sales, December 28, 2010 Story 12/27/2010
Orange County Business Journal: Three Stalled SunCal Developments Could Be Sold, December 27, 2010 Story 12/27/2010
San Francisco Examiner: Oakland Waits to Catch a Break, December 20, 2010 Story 12/20/2010
Wall Street Journal: Appeals Court Blocks SunCal From Suing Lehman Brothers, December 8, 2010 Story 12/09/2010
East Bay Express: No Decision in Oakland-SunCal-Lehman Fight Over Oak Knoll, November 8, 2010 Story 11/09/2010
East Bay Express: Will Lehman Abandon Oak Knoll?, November 3, 2010 Story 11/04/2010
Dow Jones Daily Bankruptcy Review: Lehman Blasts SunCal Over Bankruptcy Court 'Gamesmanship', October 20, 2010 Story 10/21/2010
Big Builder News: Ex-SunCal Execs Begin Anew [Argent Management], October 14, 2010 Story 10/16/2010
Wall Street Journal: D.E. Shaw Land Bet Proves a Quant's Quagmire, October 13, 2010 Story 10/12/2010
San Clemente Times: SunCal CEO Facing Possible $230 Million Hit, October 7, 2010 Story 10/07/2010
Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Claim Jumper, Lehman, DBSD, QOC, Visteon: Bankruptcy, October 4, 2010 Story 10/04/2010
Wall Street Journal: Real Estate Stings a Backer [SunCal], September 28, 2010 Story 09/28/2010
East Bay Express: Alameda Point Mini-City Leveled Story 07/28/2010
Wall Street Journal: Judge Clears Lehman To Close Fenway Deal Over SunCal Protest Story 06/17/2010
BusinessWeek: SunCal Appeals Judge’s Ruling on California Projects Story 05/28/2010
BusinessWeek: Lehman to Buy $1.5 Billion in SunCal Projects Loans Story 05/12/2010
BusinessWeek: Lehman to Repurchase Loans to SunCal Projects Story 03/26/2010
Orange County Register: SunCal continues efforts to fund Marblehead Story 03/02/2010
Orange County Register: Settlement could stir new activity at Marblehead Coastal site Story 02/15/2010