VA Facility

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East Bay Times: Veterans clinic and cemetery will be built in Alameda — eventually, December 10, 2018 Story 12/10/2018
Memo Regarding Update on the Veterans Affairs Project at Alameda Point by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Administration, December 4, 2018 Documents 11/20/2018
The Daily Californian: Environmentalists criticize Urban Shield for operating on nature reserve, November 7, 2018 Story 11/08/2018
East Bay Express: Guns Versus Birds at the Point, October 31, 2018 Story 10/31/2018
East Bay Times: Alameda to press feds on stalled veterans clinic, cemetery project, October 1, 2018 Story 10/02/2018
Memo Regarding Sending a Letter to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Urging a Commitment to a Firm Timeline of Action for Their Proposed Health Facility and National Cemetery, October 2, 2018 Documents 09/22/2018
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Regional park district and city negotiate land deal for park, August 24, 2017 Documents 08/25/2017
Alameda Point Environmental Report: VA wetland study censored, April 20, 2017 Documents 04/20/2017
Alameda Point Environmental Report: VA project adds to legacy of letdowns on airfield, January 26, 2017 Documents 01/27/2017
East Bay Times: Alameda: School district declares itself ‘safe haven,' January 25, 2017 Story 01/26/2017
East Bay Times: Alameda: Council to take up sanctuary issue Tuesday, January 12, 2017 Story 01/13/2017
Alameda Sun: Zika Virus Infects Veterans Projects, September 22, 2016 Story 09/23/2016
Alameda Sun: Past, Present, Future Converge at Point, April 7, 2016 Story 04/09/2016
Alameda Point Environmental Report: City leads tour across airfield to SF Bay shoreline, November 6, 2015 Documents 11/06/2015
Alameda Sun: VA Project Tangled in Budget Struggle, July 30, 2015 Story 08/01/2015
Alameda Point Veterans Memorial Park, July 14, 2015 Documents 07/14/2015
Alameda Point Environmental Report: News updates: Main St. neighborhood planning, Veteran Affairs project, ferry service, February 12, 2015 Documents 02/12/2015
Veterans Administration: Development Plan for Alameda Point Property, November 2014 Documents 12/05/2014
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Endangered Alameda least terns get a secure home, November 10, 2014 Documents 11/10/2014
San Jose Mercury News: Alameda: Navy turns over land for veterans clinic, national cemetery, November 5, 2014 Story 11/05/2014
The Alamedan: Department of Veterans Affairs gains Alameda Point property, November 4, 2014 Story 11/04/2014
The Alamedan: Alameda in brief: Ceremony set for Point land transfer, October 20, 2014 Story 10/20/2014
Alameda Journal: Ceremony set for land transfer for veterans clinic, columbarium, October 15, 2014 Story 10/16/2014
The Alamedan: Point tour highlights toxic cleanup efforts, July 14, 2014 Story 07/14/2014
Alameda Journal: Veterans clinic, columbarium moving forward, March 27, 2014 Story 03/27/2014
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Shoreline public access plan approved for Veterans Affairs property, March 3, 2014 Documents 03/03/2014
Final EIR for Alameda Point: Response to Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report, December 2013 Documents 12/18/2013
Alameda Sun: VA Reveals Plans for Point Facilities, December 2, 2013 Story 12/02/2013
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Alameda Point VA Project – Final Environmental Assessment Released, November 21, 2013 Documents 11/22/2013
The Alamedan: Council considers sea rise protections for Alameda Point, November 21, 2013 Story 11/21/2013