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Alameda Journal: Planning Board to take up Alameda Point draft EIR, February 22, 2013 Story 02/21/2013
Draft Resolution Re-Affirming Support for the Creation of the Alameda Wildlife Refuge at Alameda Point. (Councilmember Chen), February 19, 2013 Documents 02/09/2013
Alameda Sun: City, VA May Redraw Point's Boundaries, February 7, 2013 Story 02/08/2013
The Alamedan: Point development could start next year, January 25, 2013 Story 01/25/2013
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Navy and VA ignore economics, environment in killing Alameda National Wildlife Refuge, December 14, 2012 Documents 12/14/2012
Alameda Point VA: Alameda Point VA clinic design rolled out, November 29, 2012 Documents 11/29/2012
Golden Gate Birder: Moving forward with the Alameda Wildlife Rufuge, October 25, 2012 Story 10/26/2012
Alameda Journal: Plans for Alameda veterans clinic, cemetery move forward, October 18, 2012 Story 10/18/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Wildlife refuge gets the ax in VA development at Alameda Point, September 22, 2012 Documents 09/23/2012
Letter from the Center on Urban Environmental Law to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regarding Biological Opinion for the Proposed NAS Disposal and Reuse Project, September 10, 2012 Documents 09/14/2012
Letter from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Department of the Navy and the VA Sierra Pacific Network Regarding Biological Opinion for the Proposed NAS Disposal and Reuse Project, [August 29, 2012] Documents 09/14/2012
Alameda Sun: Refuge Gets Ax, September 14, 2012 Story 09/13/2012
Alameda Sun: Professor Seeks Green Solutions for the Point, July 27, 2012 Story 07/27/2012
Alameda Sun: Wildlife Refuge Off Limits, May 31, 2012 Story 06/01/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Scenic Alameda Point wildlife refuge section to be off limits with security fence, May 31, 2012 Documents 05/31/2012
East Bay Express: A New Vision for Alameda Point, May 23, 2012 Story 05/23/2012
San Francisco Chronicle: Alameda Navy base now a much-sought wildlife Eden, May 5, 2012 Story 05/05/2012
Alameda Sun: VA Project, Refuge Moving Forward, May 3, 2012 Story 05/03/2012
The Gull: Protection Closer for Least Tern Colony, May-June 2012 Story 04/30/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Environmental law group comments on city/VA/East Bay Park District proposal, April 18, 2012 Documents 04/19/2012
Alameda Sun: Enviro Group Putting Kibosh on VA's Point Plan, March 29, 2012 Story 03/29/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Alameda Wildlife Refuge committee touts benefits of VA/parkland deal, March 20, 2012 Documents 03/20/2012
Excerpts from the VA’s Fiscal Year 2013 Congressional Budget Request in regards to Alameda Point Documents 03/16/2012
Alameda Community News Project: City, park district at odds over veterans' complex deal, March 16, 2012 Story 03/16/2012
Golden Gate Audubon Society Action Alert: Alameda Wildlife Refuge, March 13, 2012 Documents 03/14/2012
Alameda Sun: East Bay Park District Spearheads Point Deal for NW Territories, March 8, 2012 Story 03/08/2012
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Executing Amendment to an Agreement with Carlson Barbee & Gibson for Civil Engineering and Surveying Consulting Services for Alameda Point..., January 4, 2012 Documents 12/22/2011
Alameda Point VA [Veterans Affairs] [Blog]: VA Project Behind Schedule, But Making Headway, October 9, 2011 Documents 10/09/2011
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Wetlands, Trails, Natural Habitat Concept Drawings for Alameda Point, September 22, 2011 Documents 09/22/2011
Isle Say: Landing Zone Veterans’ Clinic, July 21, 2011 Documents 07/30/2011