Alameda Sun: Enviro Group Putting Kibosh on VA's Point Plan, March 29, 2012


The Golden Gate University Center on Urban Environmental Law (CUEL) will be submitting a comment letter to the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD), the Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA), the Navy, the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the city of Alameda regarding the proposed location of the VA outpatient facility at Alameda Point.

There have been plans to place a $210 million veterans' project, which includes an outpatient clinic, a columbarium, administrative space and associated parking on the Northwest Territories (there were previous plans to place the buildings on Alameda's Wildlife Refuge area) and building a Veterans' Memorial Park around the facility, but CUEL believes the different agencies should examine another location of the VA buildings.

"Additional work remains to ensure that the proposed VA outpatient facility is compatible with the natural open space plans for these 700 acres," said Paul Kibel, Golden Gate University professor and co-director of CUEL.