Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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The Alamedan: Council debates Alameda Point developer selection process, November 7, 2013 Story 11/07/2013
The Alamedan: Alameda Point Explained: The developers debut, October 10, 2013 Story 10/10/2013
R&D Magazine: Startup brings fuel cells to the developing world, April 24, 2013 Story 04/24/2013
Mercury News: Planning Board to weigh Alameda Point economic development, November 21, 2012 Story 11/22/2012
East Bay Express: A New Vision for Alameda Point, May 23, 2012 Story 05/23/2012
Alameda Community News Project: City Council to consider new development strategy for Alameda Point, March 20, 2012 Story 03/20/2012
Alameda Sun: City Plans 'Community Conversations' on Point, February 2, 2012 Story 02/03/2012
Alameda Sun: LBNL Skips Alameda, January 26, 2012 Story 01/26/2012
Alameda Journal: Richmond chosen as site for Berkeley lab's second campus, January 27, 2012 Story 01/26/2012
LBNL Preferred Site Announcement, Richmond Field Station, January 23, 2012 Documents 01/24/2012
Press Release: Alameda Point Not Selected for Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, January 23, 2012 Documents 01/23/2012
San Francisco Chronicle: UC picks Richmond for lab biosciences campus, January 23, 2012 Story 01/23/2012
Press Release: Berkeley Lab Selects Richmond Field Station As Preferred Site, January 23, 2012 Documents 01/23/2012
KQED: Six Bay Area Cities Play the Waiting Game, January 13, 2012 Story 01/14/2012
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Executing an Amendment to an Agreement with Russell Resources for Environmental Consulting Services for Alameda Point Extending the Term for 12 Months and Adding $165 000 to the Budget, January 4, 2012 Documents 12/22/2011
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Approving Amendment # 2 to the Memorandum of Agreement between ARRA and the United States Navy for the Economic Development Conveyance of Portions of the Former NAS, January 4, 2012 Documents 12/22/2011
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Awarding Contract in the Amount of $225 000 to Keyser Marston Associates to Prepare an Economic Development Strategy for Alameda Point, January 4, 2012 Documents 12/22/2011
The Alameda Point Proposal for LBNL Second Campus Documents 11/29/2011
San Francisco Chronicle: Lawrence Berkeley lab site to be picked in 2012, November 22, 2011 Story 11/22/2011
Alameda Point Environment Report: Berkeley Lab Site Environmental Plan Released, November 21, 2011 Documents 11/21/2011
Berkeley Daily Planet: Berkeley City Officials Push UC to Choose West Berkeley for New LBNL Site-- With No Public Review, October 18, 2011 Story 10/18/2011
Alameda Sun: Navy Hands Over Point, October 6, 2011 Story 10/07/2011
San Francisco Chronicle: Navy turns Alameda air station over to city, September 30, 2011 Story 09/30/2011
KGO TV: Naval base transferred to City of Alameda, September 29, 2011 Story 09/29/2011
Alameda Journal: City, Navy work out deal for Alameda Point transfer, September 29, 2011 Story 09/29/2011
Daily Californian: Albany City Council raises concerns about site for Berkeley Lab’s second campus, September 26, 2011 Story 09/26/2011
Richmond Confidential: Richmond finds support at LBNL meeting, September 24, 2011 Story 09/24/2011
City of Alameda Press Release: Department of Defense Awards the City $225,000 for Alameda Point Strategy, September 22, 2011 Documents 09/23/2011
Alameda Times Star: Berkeley lab cites sea levels as concern for possible Alameda campus, September 22, 2011 Story 09/22/2011
Alameda Sun: Point Situation Develops, September 22, 2011 Story 09/22/2011