Key Documents

Planning Documents

Key Summary Documents

Community Reuse Plan - 1996 (The document provides the basis for conveyance agreement with the Navy)
Community Reuse Plan Amendments
Community Planning Workbook - 2010 11 x 17
Community Planning Workbook - 2010 8.5 x 11
Summary Report for the Community Planning Process - 2011

Previous Planning Documents

Draft Rezoning Proposal - May 14, 2012
Full Text of Measure B - 2009
Station Area Planning Study - 2008
Preliminary Development Concept - 2006
Alameda Parks Master Plan - 2012

General Plan Amendment

Alameda Point General Plan Amendment - Chapter 9
AP Planning Boundaries - June 2001
AP Proposed General Land Use Map
AP Mixed Use Areas - June 2001
AP Sub Areas - June 2001
Alameda National Wildlife Refuge
AP Street System
AP Parks and Recreation Areas
AP Historic Resources

Historic Preservation

Map of Alameda Point Historical District
Navy's Draft National Register Nomination - NAS-Alameda
Specific Building Survey and Evaluation Report for NAS-Alameda Historic District - 2011
Page and Turnbull Historic Assessment and Historic Preservation – June 2005
MOU Between Navy ACHP and SHPO - 1999
Sally Woodbridge Historic Architectural Resources - 1992
Cultural Landscape Report for Naval Air Station-Alameda - FINAL


AP Transportation Strategy - 2009
AP Transportation Strategy - 2005

Environmental Information

Final Environmental Impact Report
Notice of Preparation (NOP) of an Environmental Impact Report for the Alameda Point Project
Scoping meeting for environmental impact report - February 25, 2013
Public workshop - April 8, 2013

Previous Environmental Impact Reports

Community Reuse Plan EIR - 1999 Part 1
Community Reuse Plan EIR - 1999 Part 2
General Plan Amendment EIR

Biological Restrictions

Summary Map of Biological Planning Restrictions
2012 US Fish & Wildlife Service Biological Opinion on the Proposed NAS-Alameda Disposal on Reuse Project

Environmental Cleanup Process

Installation Restoration Sites at Alameda Point - Map

Background Documents

State Lands Regulations

Map of Post Exchange Area
Map of Pre State Lands Exchange Area
State Lands Agreement for NAS Alameda
Exchange Act of 2000 for NAS Alameda

Navy Transfer

Map of Phase 1 land transfer to city - 2013
Map of Conveyance Phases
NAS Alameda Economic Development Conveyance Application - October 1997
Lease In Furtherance of Conveyance - 2000
LIFOC Amendment 1 - 2000
LIFOC Amendment 2 - 2009
Economic Development Conveyance Memorandum of Agreement (EDC MOA)
EDC-MOA Amendment 1
EDC-MOA Amendment 2


Infrastructure Cost Presentation from May 2011
Preliminary Geotechnical Report
Map of Historic Fill
Map of Thickness of Potentially Liquefiable Sand Layer