US Navy

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East Bay Times: Real-deal U.S. military culture pervades Alameda’s USS Hornet, May 23, 2019 Story 05/23/2019
Alameda Sun: Navy Plans Waste Line Cleanup, April 25, 2019 Story 05/02/2019
Alameda Sun: Navy Plans Waste Line Cleanup, April 25, 2019 Story 05/02/2019
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Rocket manufacturing coming to Alameda Point, April 28, 2019 Documents 04/28/2019
Alameda Magazine: Alameda Point Park Moves Closer to Reality, March 4, 2019 Story 03/05/2019
Alameda Sun: Navy to Create New Wetlands at Point, January 3, 2019 Story 01/05/2019
Presentation on Role of TetraTech EC in the Environmental Clean-Up of Alameda Point by the United States Navy, July 24, 2018 Documents 07/13/2018
Alameda Sun: Navy’s Cleanup Drawing Scrutiny, June 14, 2018 Story 06/15/2018
Alameda Sun: City Breaks Ground at Alameda Point, May 31, 2018 Story 06/02/2018
San Francisco Chronicle: Navy says Alameda development site safe, but others worry, May 23, 2018 Story 05/24/2018
Notice of Proposed Plan and Comment Period for Installation Restoration Site 32, April 18, 2018 Documents 04/21/2018
Alameda Sun: Navy Shows Final Cleanup Plan, April 17, 2018 Story 04/18/2018
Capital Public Radio: Trump Administration Sues California Over Sales Of US Land, April 2, 2018 Story 04/03/2018
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Environmental cleanup meeting tonight, March 22, 2018 Documents 03/22/2018
Alameda Sun: Radium-226 Paint Leaves Point Legacy, October 5, 2017 Story 10/06/2017
Memo Regarding Authorizing the City Manager to Accept, on Behalf of the City, Certain Surplus Federal Property, and to Accept, Execute, and Record Conveyance Documents in Substantial Conformance with Conveyance Documents Received, September 19, 2017 Documents 09/12/2017
Alameda Sun: Building 5 Cleanup Underway, September 8, 2017 Story 09/09/2017
Alameda Magazine: Island Worker Shortage, May 30, 2107 Story 05/31/2017
Alameda Sun: Navy Presents New Base Cleanup Plan, March 16, 2017 Story 03/18/2017
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding Accept... through the Department of the Navy, to Implement the Economic Development Conveyance Agreement for the Former Naval Air Station, Alameda (Phase 3A Alameda Point Conveyance), February 7, 2017 Documents 01/29/2017
Alameda Sun: Point Developer Asks for Some More Time, January 12, 2017 Story 01/14/2017
Alameda Sun: Navy Cleanup Study Out, January 12, 2017 Story 01/14/2017
Alameda Sun: Navy Presents Point Park Cleanup Plans, November 10, 2016 Story 11/12/2016
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Navy presents parkland cleanup plans, November 9, 2016 Documents 11/10/2016
East Bay Times: Alameda Point: Hundreds tour, view Seaplane Lagoon plans, July 27, 2016 Story 07/28/2016
Alameda Sun: Seaplane Lagoon the Talk of the Town, Juldy19, 2016 Story 07/20/2016
Tour of Navy Cleanup Sites at Alameda Point, July 9, 2016 Documents 06/24/2016
Alameda Sun: Past, Present, Future Converge at Point, April 7, 2016 Story 04/09/2016
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Navy adds a wetland and grassland, February 29, 2016 Documents 02/29/2016
Alameda Sun: City Set to Accept More Land at Point, January 28, 2016 Story 01/31/2016