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Title Content Type Post date
The Island: Point Being: March Mudness, March 29, 2011 Story 03/29/2011
Fact Sheet, Former Naval Air Station Alameda, Remedial Action At Installation Restoration Site 35, March 2011 Documents 03/19/2011
Herald-Tribune [Sarasota, Florida], WAVES service included secrets, March 17, 2011 Story 03/17/2011
The Island: Developers show fresh interest in Alameda Point, March 14, 2011 Story 03/14/2011
Statement of Qualifications for University of California Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Second Campus, Submitted by Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority, March 4, 2011 Documents 03/06/2011
The Island: Point Being: Clean ups and downs, February 22, 2011 Story 02/22/2011
Department of the Navy: Fact Sheet: Cleanup Starts at Seaplane Lagoon, January 2011 Documents 02/05/2011
The Island: Around Alameda: Seaplane Lagoon cleanup starts, January 31, 2011 Story 01/31/2011
Alameda Sun: Dredge Works to Clean Seaplane Lagoon, January 27, 2011 Story 01/27/2011
Alameda Magazine: Turning Point for the Terns: It’s Wildlife Refuge vs. the VA at Alameda Point, December 2010 Story 12/14/2010
Five Year Implementation Plan, Alameda Point Improvement Project, FY 2010/11 – FY 2014/15, November 2010 Documents 12/07/2010
Alameda Sun: Developer Claims City Violated the Constitution, December 2, 2010 Story 12/02/2010
The Island: Photographer, dog walker shooed off public Navy property, November 16, 2010 Story 11/16/2010
Alameda Sun: Free to Pursue His Craft, November 11, 2010 Story 11/11/2010
The Island: City officials restart planning process for Point, October 7, 2010 Story 10/07/2010
Alameda Journal: Alameda leaders back veterans clinic, columbarium at Alameda Point Story 09/02/2010
Video: MOVING FORWARD, ALAMEDA POINT COMMUNITY MEETING, August 11, 2010 Documents 08/27/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding the United States Navy's Transfer of 549 Acres of the Former Naval Air Station in the City of Alameda to the VA for the Development of an Out-Patient Clinic and Columbarium, September 1, 2010 Documents 08/27/2010
San Francisco Examiner: Treasure Island wrangle ending; development can begin Story 08/17/2010
Alameda Sun: Point Process Proceeds Story 08/05/2010
The Island: Navy denies SunCal lawyer’s letter claim Story 08/03/2010
Alameda Sun: Council Referrals Point to Point Story 07/29/2010
Request from Councilmember Matarrese to Consider Directing the Interim City Manager to Prioritize an Alternative Process and Plan for Alameda Point., July 27, 2010 Documents 07/23/2010
The Island: Matarrese: ‘We can control our own destiny’ Story 07/23/2010
KTVU: Alameda City Council Dumps Developer's Naval Base Plan Story 07/22/2010
The Island: Navy offers annual toxic site tour at Alameda Point Story 07/19/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council Recommending Approval of Resolution Denying SunCal's Modified Optional Entitlement, July 20 , 2010 Documents 07/15/2010
Alameda Journal: Volunteers restoring vintage jets at Alameda former naval air station Story 07/15/2010
The Island: Alameda Point jets getting makeover Story 07/14/2010
Letter from SunCal's Attorney to the City Council declaring that the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement is extended, July 12, 2010 Documents 07/13/2010