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Alameda Naval Air Station [Written in 1941 as part of WPA project] Documents 01/04/2010
Department of the Navy Fact Sheet, Alameda Point, November 2009 [Soil and groundwater clean up] Documents 01/03/2010
Alameda Point RAB [Restoration Advisory Board] Meeting on December 3 , 2009 : Highlights and Analysis [Groundwater Cleanup] Documents 12/31/2009
San Francisco Chronicle: Treasure Island utopia gets reality check Story 12/28/2009
Remedial Action Update Installation Restoration Site 27 Dock Zone Alameda Point, California RAB Meeting, November 5, 2009 Documents 12/18/2009
San Francisco Chronicle: City reaches $105 million deal to acquire Treasure Island Story 12/16/2009
The Island: On Point: From Point A to B Story 11/24/2009
Letter from City Manager to SunCal regarding ballot measure, November 18, 2009 Documents 11/19/2009
The Island: On Point: War of the words Story 11/19/2009
Final Environmental Summary Document, VA Fed Transfer Parcel, Alameda Point, Alameda, CA, September 2009 Documents 11/01/2009
The Island: On Point: Bullet points Story 10/30/2009
Oakland Tribune: Lawyers wrangle while Oak Knoll deteriorates Story 10/22/2009
San Francisco Chronicle: Stalled Oak Knoll development leaves fire fears Story 10/22/2009
The Island: Alameda Point Page Story 10/09/2009
San Francisco Chronicle: Price hike in Treasure Island transfer to S.F. Story 10/09/2009
Department of the Navy (DON) signs the Finding of Suitability to Transfer (FOST) for approximately 8 acres of land known as Estuary Park located within the North Housing Parcel, September 28, 2009 Documents 10/04/2009
Department of the Navy signs the Environmental Summary Document for approximately 549 acres of land known as the Veterans Affairs (VA) Federal Transfer Parcel, September 30, 2009 Documents 10/04/2009
The Island: On Point: A little bit of this, a little bit of that Story 09/24/2009
The Hill: President Obama opposes Speaker Pelosi on Treasure Island Navy base Story 09/21/2009
Letter from Restoration Advisory Board to U.S. Navy regarding proposed Installation Restoration of Site 2, September 12, 2009 Documents 09/21/2009
The Island: On Point: About that park … Story 09/04/2009
Press Release: U.S. Navy selects AMEC for $20 million Alameda Point remediation Story 08/18/2009
Former Naval Air Station Alameda: Installation Fact Sheet Documents 07/16/2009
Department of the Navy assigned approximately 44 acres of land and structures at the former NAS Alameda to the Department of the Interior/National Park Service Documents 07/15/2009
Economic Development Commission Minutes, February 19, 2009 Documents 07/06/2009
Restoration Advisory Board meeting regarding clean-up of Seaplane Lagoon area, June 4, 2009 Documents 07/06/2009
The Island: Cleanup kerfuffle [Seaplane Lagoon vicinity] Story 07/05/2009
Mercury News: Veterans urge Alameda's support of new facility at Alameda Point Story 07/01/2009
The Island: City considering changes to Point measure Story 06/28/2009
East Bay Express: Changing the Rules at Alameda Point Story 06/23/2009