The Island: On Point: From Point A to B


It’s official: In an effort to avoid rampant voter confusion, our local government types have convinced the folks at the Alameda County Registrar of Voters to call SunCal’s Alameda Point development initiative Measure B.


In case you missed it, Mayor Beverly Johnson and City Councilman Frank Matarrese were on a mission this Friday: A fact-finding mission at the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in Irvine, the first of what Matarrese said could be several trips intended to gather info on how other cities are handling the redevelopment of their shuttered military bases.

The pair said the trips are part of the work of a council subcommittee set up to deal with redevelopment of Alameda Point. They come on the heels of decisions by both to withdraw their earlier support of SunCal’s ballot measure. (Matarrese said he and Vice Mayor Doug deHaan are planning another trip, to the former Hamilton Air Force Base in Novato, in December, and that he’s also looking at Fort Ord in Monterey.)

El Toro holds some intriguing parallels with Alameda Point in terms of its process, which included long-running public disputes over what should happen on the 4,682-acre air station, cleanup disputes with the military, ballot measures to determine its fate (there were four), lawsuits, and costs on the project they hope to complete that run north of $1 billion.