Department of the Navy: Fact Sheet: Cleanup Starts at Seaplane Lagoon, January 2011


The Navy has an ongoing cleanup program at
sites throughout the former Naval Air Station
(NAS) Alameda, also known as Alameda Point,
in Alameda, California. This Fact Sheet provides
information on one of these cleanup sites,
including a description of the actions that will be
taken to complete the cleanup.
The Navy is proceeding with the cleanup for
Installation Restoration (IR) Site 17, also known
as Seaplane Lagoon (SPL). The cleanup will
consist of removing sediments within SPL that
contain chemicals that may be harmful to human
health or the environment. The sediments will be
removed by dredging, which will begin in mid-
January 2011. The cleanup is being conducted
in accordance with the National Oil and
Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency
Plan (NCP) and the Comprehensive
Environmental Response, Compensation, and
Liability Act (CERCLA). The sediment cleanup
for SPL consists of the following: 1) dredging
sediments in specific areas of SPL; 2)
conducting post-cleanup sampling to confirm
the effectiveness of the cleanup; 3) dewatering
the dredged sediments; 4) sampling the
dewatered sediments to determine their waste
characteristics; and 5) properly disposing of the
sediments based on their waste characteristics.