Fact Sheet, Former Naval Air Station Alameda, Remedial Action At Installation Restoration Site 35, March 2011


The Navy has an ongoing cleanup
program at sites throughout the former
Naval Air Station (NAS) Alameda,
also known as Alameda Point, in
Alameda, California. This Fact Sheet
provides information on one of these
cleanup sites.

This Fact Sheet describes actions
associated with the cleanup at
Installation Restoration (IR) Site 35.
The cleanup will consist of removing
heptachlor and lead impacted soil at
this site followed by confirmation
sampling and site restoration. Soil
sampling will be performed prior to
the start of excavation activities at IR
Site 35 to further refine the excavation

The Navy will be performing the
cleanup at IR Site 35 in accordance
wi th l eg a l an d p r o c ed u r a l
requirements of the National Oil and
Hazardous Substances Pollution
Contingency Plan (NCP) and the
Comprehensive Environmental
Response, Compensation, and
Liability Act (CERCLA). As part of
the CERCLA process, the Navy
completed a thorough Remedial
Investigation (RI) of the site, and
conducted a Feasibility Study (FS) to
evaluate potential cleanup alternatives
for IR Site 35. The alternative selected
was then documented in a Record of
Decision (ROD) and consisted of soil
excavation at selected areas, off-site
disposal, and site restoration.