KGO TV: Naval base transferred to City of Alameda, September 29, 2011



ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) -- After decades of negotiating and miles of red tape, the City of Alameda is getting a whole lot larger.

The former naval air station, now called Alameda Point, is being handed over to the City of Alameda -- all 900 acres of it.

When they're not socked in by fog, the airfield at Alameda Point has a panoramic view of the bay and the San Francisco skyline, and soon Alameda hopes thousands of employees will enjoy that view as they turn the field into a center for science and technology.

Speaking in front of a fenced-off field of weed-torn, abandoned runways, Alameda's mayor said she hopes to finally make good on a promise made long before she took office. When the naval air station closed in the mid-90s, then-President Clinton insisted it would become a bustling center for innovation.