Alameda Sun: Professor Seeks Green Solutions for the Point, July 27, 2012


Alameda Community Radio (ACR) recently interviewed Professor Paul Kibel of San Francisco's Golden Gate University School of Law. In the interview, Kibel, who also co-directs the Center on Urban Environmental Law (CUEL), expressed his concern about the future of Alameda Point.

He told ACR that the Navy appears to be fast-tracking the approval of clean-up remedies to enable the transfer of land and the construction of new buildings. This has resulted in a six-foot-high chain-link that encloses Sites 1 and 2 and a scattered network of 30 10-foot-high white venting pipes. That fence divides Alameda Point into two distinct parts: the land east of the fence is under the city's jurisdiction; the federal portion stretches west of that fence to the San Francisco Bay.

Kibel is afraid that fast-tracking overlooks key goals of the city's open space plan that have been on the books for years.