Alameda Sun: Ocean Cleanup Hits Snag, in for Repair, January 10, 2019


Ocean Cleanup (OC) announced on New Year’s Eve that it has shut down its experiment to collect debris from the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” (GPGP) — a mass of refuse and debris known as a gyre. OC said that “structural malfunctioning of the cleanup system” has forced the company to return to Alameda earlier than planned.

“We will set sail as soon as an appropriate weather window is available,” OC stated.

OC, a Dutch nonprofit, designed a system to help clean up the gyre. Last February the city announced that OC was going to put its 2,000-foot-long system together at Alameda Point (“Cleanup Project Finds Home at Point,” Feb. 20, 2018). The company got to work in March.