Memo Regarding Ordinance Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Fifteen-Year Lease with Two Five-Year Options to Extend, Substantially in the Form of the Attached, with Nautilus Data Technologies, Inc., ...for Building 530, May 7, 2019



1. Premises

2. Form of Lease

3. Letter of Interest

4. Trade Council Letter of Support

5. Water Intake and Discharge Paths

6. Stockton Environmental Approvals

7. Permit Agencies and Requirements



Nautilus Data Technologies uses innovative water cooling technology to operate data centers that reduce the cost of computing, cut power usage, eliminate water consumption, decrease air pollution, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. This action will authorize the City Manager to execute a fifteen-year lease with two five-year options with Nautilus Data Technologies, Inc, a Delaware corporation, for the development of a water-cooled data storage facility in Building 530, Building 529, and Building 600 at Alameda Point. The project includes $6 million in building improvements and an investment in infrastructure that will result in millions of dollars in electrical system improvements, water intake/discharge and recirculation systems, and high performance internet fiber and connections.