Environmental Issues

Title Content Type Post date
The Alamedan: Department of Veterans Affairs gains Alameda Point property, November 4, 2014 Story 11/04/2014
Harbor Seal Petition Documents 10/19/2014
The Alamedan: Alameda Business Buzz: New winery headed up the 'Alley, October 17, 2014 Story 10/17/2014
Alameda Journal: Ceremony set for land transfer for veterans clinic, columbarium, October 15, 2014 Story 10/16/2014
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Film: “Demilitarized Landscapes” produced for Oakland Museum, October 15, 2014 Documents 10/16/2014
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Ferry agency seeks harbor seal harassment permit, September 22, 2014 Documents 09/23/2014
Alameda Sun: Locals Plan to Hold Back Sea Level Rise, August 14, 2014 Story 08/15/2014
Alameda Sun: Point Plans Taking Shape, August 7, 2014 Story 08/09/2014
KQED: A Tale of Two Tern Towns in the Bay Area, August 1, 2014 Story 08/02/2014
San Francisco Business Times: Alameda approves plan for new housing, offices and parks on 150 waterfront acres, July 30, 2014 Story 07/31/2014
Alameda Journal: Council OKs 'Waterfront Town Center,' July 30, 2014 Story 07/30/2014
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Environmental cleanup reaches milestones as work continues, July 25, 2014 Documents 07/25/2014
KALW: Holding back rising sea levels in the City of Alameda, July 23, 2014 Story 07/23/2014
Alameda Point environmental cleanup program review and Navy site tour, July 2014 Documents 07/23/2014
The Alamedan: Point tour highlights toxic cleanup efforts, July 14, 2014 Story 07/14/2014
Letter from the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club Regarding Alameda Point Town Center Wetlands, June 2014 Documents 06/27/2014
The Alamedan: Alameda in pictures: The disintegrating dock, June 27, 2014 Story 06/27/2014
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Ordinance Adopting the Alameda Point Waterfront Town Center Plan, July 1, 2014 Documents 06/19/2014
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Ospreys nesting at Alameda Point interrupted again in 2014, June 15, 2014 Documents 06/15/2014
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Shoreline grassland, wetland: An opportunity now at Alameda Point, June 7, 2014 Documents 06/07/2014
Memo from City Planner to Planning Board Regarding Draft Alameda Point Waterfront Town Center Precise Plan, June 9, 2014 Documents 06/02/2014
Alameda Sun: A Harbor Seal Mystery, May 29. 2014 Story 05/29/2014
Alameda Sun: Volunteers Refurbish Least Tern Nest Area, April 25, 2014 Story 04/26/2014
Memo from City Planner to Planning Board Regarding Public Review of the Draft Alameda Point Waterfront Town Center Plan, April 28, 2014 Documents 04/24/2014
Alameda Journal: Print Email Planning Board to consider waterfront plan for Alameda Point, April 23, 2014 Story 04/24/2014
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Least tern nesting area refurbished and ready for 2014 at Alameda Point, April 19, 2014 Documents 04/20/2014
Alameda Sun: Draft Plans Released for Point Town Center, April 18, 2014 Story 04/18/2014
The Alamedan: City to seek developers for two Alameda Point parcels, April 16, 2014 Story 04/16/2014
Alameda Journal: Veterans clinic, columbarium moving forward, March 27, 2014 Story 03/27/2014
Alameda Magazine: Goodbye Ghost Town, March 2014 [Story begins on page 30] Story 03/03/2014