Alameda Point Environmental Report: Find the wetland near Building 25 at Alameda Point, December 12, 2014


Rain on Thursday, December 11, led to flooding on three sides of Building 25 at 1951 Monarch Street, as well as on the south side of the Control Tower. Building 25 is adjacent to the wetland on federal VA property called Runway Wetland.

Building 25 was slated for removal in the original Waterfront Town Center conceptual drawing to make way for a wetland park called De-pave Park. By early 2014, city staff decided instead to lease the building, convincing the city council to follow. The plan now calls for protecting the building with a levee, which could be decades away.

Building 25 is divided into three 18,000 square-foot bays. Brix Beverage earlier this year signed a five-year lease for one of the bays, with an option to renew for five years. The other two bays are listed as available.