Santa Cruz Sentinel: Alameda expected to greenlight seal dock, March 16, 2015


Just when harbor seals began gathering on a dilapidated dock at the former Alameda Naval Air Station is not known. But one thing is clear: Island residents don’t want to see them leave.

The shy creatures, known for avoiding human contact, likely started slipping out of the chilly bay waters to sun themselves nearly two decades ago, when the base closed and the last Navy ship departed. Since then, they have developed a loyal local following, and when concern arose this year that plans for a ferry maintenance facility might displace them from their home, the community rallied.

On Tuesday, the Alameda City Council is expected to greenlight an agreement with the Water Emergency Transportation Agency that calls for WETA to set aside $100,000 for a new haul-out. Moreover, the old dock will remain until the new structure is built.