East Bay Times: Alameda to market a portion of former Navy base, April 26, 2019


When the Navy left town in 1997 after more than 50 years, it turned over much of its base to the city — a gift that is gradually bringing new homes and businesses to the 1,560-acre site along San Francisco Bay.

But the base, now known as Alameda Point, also came with aging, crumbling pipes, roads and wiring. In an effort to change that, the city hopes to sell a 23-acre parcel — with a price tag of at least $31 million price — to raise money to fund infrastructure upgrades in what’s known as the Enterprise District of the old base.

In September 2017, hundreds of residents and workers at Alameda Point were warned not to drink the tap water because of a drop in its quality level, leaving them relying on bottled water for about a week until the issue was resolved.

“It’s been a Wild West frontier at times,” Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft said about the need for upgrades. “To this day we have businesses experiencing their electricity going out, the water going out. That’s no way to run a business.”