Ballot Measure B

Title Content Type Post date
Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Measure B Documents 11/30/2009
Alameda Sun: ‘Measure B’ Before Voters in February Story 11/26/2009
The Island: On Point: From Point A to B Story 11/24/2009
Alameda Sun: Chinatown Suit Brews Story 11/19/2009
Alameda Journal: City leaders to visit Irvine on fact-finding trip Story 11/19/2009
Letter from City Manager to SunCal regarding ballot measure, November 18, 2009 Documents 11/19/2009
The Island: On Point: War of the words Story 11/19/2009
The Island: Gilmore announces mayoral candidacy Story 11/17/2009
Argument Against SunCal Ballot Measure B Documents 11/17/2009
Argument in Favor of SunCal Ballot Measure B Documents 11/17/2009
The Island: Johnson, deHaan oppose Measure A Story 11/17/2009
City Council Resolution Calling an Election in the City of Alameda on February 2, 2010, November 3, 2009 Documents 11/15/2009
Alameda Chamber of Commerce Election Report on SunCal Ballot Initiative Documents 11/13/2009
Alameda Sun: February Election Closer to Reality Story 11/12/2009
Letter from City of Alameda to City of Oakland Regarding Public Records Act Request, October 7, 2009 Documents 11/08/2009
The Island: On Point: Meanwhile, in Oakland Story 11/06/2009
Alameda Sun: Initiative Unique Story 11/05/2009
Alameda Sun: Council Sets Initiative Date Story 11/05/2009
Alameda Journal: Council OKs Feb. 2 election for SunCal plan Story 11/05/2009
The Island: SunCal gets a date Story 11/04/2009
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding financial impacts of ballot initiative, October 30, 2009 Documents 11/04/2009
The Island: Point proponents fire back Story 11/03/2009
The Island: February 2, 2010 Story 11/02/2009
Letter from the City of Oakland to the City of Alameda regarding 2004 Chinatown Settlement, October 21, 2009 Documents 10/31/2009
Letter from the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce to the City of Alameda regarding 2004 Settlement Agreement, October 14, 2009 Documents 10/31/2009
Alameda Journal: Councilman [Matarrese] opposes SunCal proposal for Alameda Point Story 10/29/2009
Alameda Sun: Developer to Foot EIR Bill Story 10/29/2009
The Island: UPDATED Matarrese drops support of SunCal initiative Story 10/28/2009
Alameda Sun: Mayor Opposes Ballot Initiative from SunCal Story 10/22/2009