Ballot Measure B

Title Content Type Post date
Campaign mailer from Alamedans for Alameda Point Revitalization, Received September 19, 2009 Documents 09/19/2009
The Island: On Point: Pro-Point development group enters fray Story 09/18/2009
Alameda Journal: Supporters, opponents of SunCal step up campaigns Story 09/17/2009
The Island: There will be cars Story 09/16/2009
Alameda Point Development Initiative Election Phase II Preliminary Traffic Impact, September 14, 2009 Documents 09/14/2009
The Island: On Point: Unsigned Story 09/10/2009
Alameda Journal: Park plan absent from Alameda Point project Story 08/28/2009
Land Use Planning Point Counterpoint 08/17/2009
Parks and open space Point Counterpoint 08/16/2009
Sacramento Bee: In low-key Alameda, a big fight brews over growth Story 08/16/2009
The Island: On Point: Hopping down the money trail Story 08/07/2009
Inside Bay Area: Park plan absent from Alameda Point project, August 27, 2009 Story 07/31/2009
Sierra Club Yodeler: Alameda initiative delayed to next year Story 07/13/2009
The Island: City considering changes to Point measure Story 06/28/2009
East Bay Express: Changing the Rules at Alameda Point Story 06/23/2009
Alameda Point Specific Plan Documents 06/21/2009
Alameda Journal: SunCal pushes ballot measure to 2010 Story 06/18/2009
Local oversight Point Counterpoint 06/18/2009
Notice of Intent to Circulate Petition Documents 06/17/2009
SunCal Press Release Dated June 15, 2009 Regarding Filing Postponement Documents 06/16/2009
The Island: Point developer postpones ballot measure Story 06/15/2009
The Island: UPDATED Attorney raises legal questions about Point plan Story 06/13/2009
Previous proposals Point Counterpoint 06/08/2009
Community Involvement Point Counterpoint 06/07/2009
If voters reject the SunCal Initiative Point Counterpoint 06/07/2009
Taxes Point Counterpoint 06/07/2009
Fiscal neutrality Point Counterpoint 06/07/2009
Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative Documents 06/07/2009
Toxic cleanup Point Counterpoint 06/07/2009
Public amenities Point Counterpoint 06/07/2009