Local oversight


Development at Alameda Point will be subject to local oversight and an independent review process. (Source: SunCal's campaign literature.)


Each phase or project requires an EIR. If voters approve the proposed Specific Plan, section 9.2 says that after an EIR is certified,

"exemptions from CEQA [which mandates an EIR] may be applicable to future development in the Plan Area and it is the intent of the voters that such exemptions be utilized to the fullest extent permitted by law. For example, any residential development project, including any subdivision, or any zoning change [...] is exempt from CEQA."

In other words, voters are being asked to ignore the whole purpose for which EIR reviews were created—that is, to protect a community from unwanted or harmful consequences. Rather than initiating local oversight as advertised by SunCal, voters will be undermining it.

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