Alameda Journal: Park plan absent from Alameda Point project


"We were stunned to see that SunCal had crossed out the park that we had worked so hard to preserve," Bangert recalled.

The development plan for the 215-acre Northwest Territories was being managed by the city until 2006, when Alameda Point Community Partners quit as the site's master developer and the city was forced to look for a new one. The city's bid for the job included development of the Northwest Territories.

But after two years of work, the developer hasn't yet decided what it wants to build there, a spokesman said — and they won't have those decisions made before the company's development initiative hits the ballot.

"We've zoned it. But we haven't planned any specific uses," SunCal rep Joe Aguirre said, adding that the developer has been focused on the original development footprint, which didn't include the site.