Inside Bay Area: Park plan absent from Alameda Point project, August 27, 2009


When Richard Bangert first realized that the park he had worked to keep in the development plan for Alameda Point had been taken off the map, his wife told him it must be a typo.

Back in 2002, when plans for a golf course and hotel had threatened what was called Alameda Point Park and public access to the northwestern shore of the Point - and its breathtaking views of the Bay - Bangert was among those who worked to ensure things stayed close to what residents envisioned when they created a reuse plan for the base six years earlier.

Back then they prevailed, saving the 11-acre park in the section of the Point known as the Northwest Territories from being halved by luxury links. But now, in master developer SunCal Companies’ proposed ballot initiative, the plan for the Northwest Territories - including the park - was obliterated by strikethroughs.