Land Use Planning


The initiative provides a comprehensive land use plan for the redevelopment of Alameda Point. (Source: Initiative, sec. 2(q).)


SunCal’s land use plan is not comprehensive because there are no specific plans for the 225-acre area known as the Northwest Territories. The State of California has designated this parcel as Public Trust Land. SunCal has merely copied the list of land uses that are permissible on Public Trust Land, rather than creating a descriptive detailed plan for the entire development footprint as called for in the ENA.

Our current General Plan contains a commitment to a public park in the Northwest Territories with the active and affirmative phrase "Develop a public park, called Alameda Point Park, in this area." During the past two years SunCal has not only failed to produce any of THEIR own plans for the Northwest Territories, but they have stricken the park from OUR plans, claiming ignorance that such a park plan even existed.

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