Previous proposals


Many plans for Alameda Point have been discussed over the years, but little progress has been made. This plan represents an achievable vision for redevelopment. (Source: Executive summary of Specific Plan.)


Only two official proposals have been put forth: one by the previous master developer (APCP), and now one by SunCal.

To say that SunCal's proposal is achievable is dubious at best. Elsewhere on this website we discuss SunCal's history of failures and the uncertainties in this proposal. The financial projections for the plan have not been made public. City staff, in their report to City Council, states that it is "unknown whether the $200 million [the amount SunCal has committed to] will be sufficient to pay for all of the planned improvements."

We would like an achievable vision for Alameda Point—we just don't have evidence that SunCal will deliver it.

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