Ballot Measure B

Title Content Type Post date
Alameda Sun: $200 Million Not Enough? Story 01/14/2010
Statement by Oakland Chinatown Coalition Opposing Measure B, January 11, 2010 Documents 01/11/2010
Fixing Problems in Initiative Point Counterpoint 01/11/2010
SunCal's Campaign Ads Point Counterpoint 01/10/2010
Alameda Sun: Taking Apart Measure B, Part Four Story 01/07/2010
Alameda Sun: Voters Get Earful on B Story 01/07/2010
The Island: On Point: The prisoner Story 01/07/2010
Vote by mail information Documents 01/06/2010
February 2, 2010 - Consolidated Municipal Election, Important Dates Documents 01/06/2010
Election Report Presentation, Joint Meeting Alameda Unified School District and City of Alameda, January 5, 2010 Documents 01/06/2010
League of Women Voters Smart Voter Guide for Measure B Documents 01/05/2010
The Island: Council, School Board hold joint meet on Point Story 01/04/2010
Letters from Honora Murphy, Brad Shook and Josh Cohen c/o SunCal campaign targeted at specific voters Documents 01/03/2010
Campaign Finance Disclosure Reports Documents 01/02/2010
Alameda Sun: Taking Apart Measure B, Part Three Story 12/31/2009
Special Joint Meeting of the City Council and School Board regarding Alameda Point Development, Tuesday, January 5, 2010 Documents 12/31/2009
League of Women Voters to sponsor forum on Measure B on Thursday, January 7, 2010 Documents 12/31/2009
League of Women Voters: Measure B Pros and Cons Documents 12/31/2009
Letter from Mayor Beverly Johnson opposing Measure B Documents 12/31/2009
The Island: On Point: Unions, Jack! Story 12/30/2009
Letter from Teamsters Union Local 853 Opposing Measure B Documents 12/29/2009
Memo from City Attorney to City Council Regarding Enforceability of Agreements in Conflict with Alameda Point Initiative, December 17, 2009 Documents 12/27/2009
Alameda Sun: Taking Apart Measure B, Part Two Story 12/24/2009
The Island: On Point: And that’s the word Story 12/18/2009
Alameda Sun: Taking Apart Measure B Story 12/17/2009
The Island: On Point: SunCal and the schools Story 12/10/2009
The Island: SunCal drops another $135k on Measure B campaign Story 12/08/2009
Letter from the Alameda Unified School District to Alameda Families Regarding SunCal Ballot Measure, December 2, 2009 Documents 12/03/2009
East Bay Express: Developer Losing Support for Initiative Story 12/02/2009
Rebuttal to Argument Against Measure B Documents 11/30/2009