The Island: On Point: The prisoner


he City Council and School Board got what was, for the council at least, a brief summary of the 288 pages of Measure B and a pair of city staff-generated analyses of the measure Tuesday night. I meant to write you a story about it to read Wednesday, I really did. But after nearly five hours of presentations, points, counterpoints, accusations and a heaping serving of political theater, I realized there wasn’t really much new to say.

About 120 people showed up for the presentation, almost all recognizable advocates for or against the measure and perhaps the only people in town who care about the development agreements, CEQA mitigations and transportation demand management plans that were subjects of debate and the occasional sharp exchange between city staff and SunCal’s reps – exchanges that, I couldn’t help thinking, might otherwise have occurred behind closed doors had SunCal not opted to take the unusual step of placing a development agreement with the city on the ballot.