The Island: Johnson, deHaan oppose Measure A


This election is going to be Alameda’s! Funnest! Ever! Why? Because the folks at the Alameda County Registrar of Voters have assigned the ballot order for SunCal’s Alameda Point development initiative, and since it’s the first measure to hit the ballot in 2010, they’re calling it … Measure A. Oh, the irony! Oh, the headlines!

Okay, I’m calm now.

So the whole point of this post was to share the ballot arguments for and against the initiative - Measure A - which were due Monday. Perhaps the most interesting thing about them is who’s signed them - East Bay Regional Park District president Doug Siden, HOMES’ Helen Sause, Perforce’s Christopher Seiwald, Alameda Little League president Ron Matthews and library supporter Honora Murphy for, and Mayor Beverly Johnson, Vice Mayor Doug deHaan, City Treasurer Kevin Kennedy, Chamber of Commerce president Blake Bryd0n and local real estate broker Dennis Pagones against.