“Revitalize Alameda Point today announced that despite a vigorous and intensively executed Yes on Measure B campaign, recent polling suggests that the initiative will not secure enough votes to pass on the Feb. 2 election,” SunCal’s reps wrote in a statement release to the media late Monday afternoon.

But they insist voters are turned off by the “ballot box planning,” and not their plan.

Opponents of the Point plan dismissed the announcement as a cheap trick intended to lull potential “no” voters into complacency and to keep them away from the polls.

“I’m very happy to hear that SunCal believes they are going to lose,” said Dave Needle of Protect the Point, which opposes the ballot measure. “However, let’s recognize that their political skills are very good. This is one more textbook mechanism to convince people that it’s all over and they don’t need to vote.”

The announcement was the latest twist in what, if I can editorialize for just a moment, is the most bizarre election this reporter has ever covered.