Alameda Journal: SunCal submits revised plan for Alameda Point


SunCal has submitted its development plan for Alameda Point directly to the city for its consideration, a move that could allow the project to proceed even if voters reject it at the ballot box.

SunCal spokesman Joe Aguirre issued a statement confirming reports that the plan was submitted to the city and that it is the same land plan contained in Measure B, which voters are casting their ballots on through Feb. 2.

City officials have confirmed that a proposed development agreement that SunCal submitted with the plan would eliminate two key financial provisions contained in the ballot measure that they had voiced strong concerns about.

The plan is on the ballot because it doesn't comply with Measure A, which effectively bars construction of apartment buildings and other multifamily housing in Alameda and which limits all housing construction here to about 21 units an acre. Measure A can't be modified without a vote.

But city officials could move the plan forward themselves by amending Measure A, which would require another ballot measure, or through use of the city's just-passed density bonus rules, wrote Pat Keliher, who has been managing the Point project for SunCal, in a letter submitted with the plan.