San Francisco Chronicle: Voters rejecting Alameda development project


Alameda voters were saying no Tuesday to a measure that would allow high-density development at the former Naval Air Station.

Measure B in Alameda was losing in early returns, 82 percent to 17 percent.

It would have allowed a one-time exemption to Measure A, a 1973 ordinance that bans anything larger than a duplex on the island. If it had passed, Measure B would have allowed a development at Alameda Point with 4,500 units of apartments, condominiums and single-family homes, as well as offices, parks, a ferry terminal and other amenities.

"We always thought, if Alamedans really understood what was in Measure B, they'd defeat it," said Nancy Rogers, coordinator of the No on B campaign. "We're really proud that Alameda voters took the time to read this, look beyond the pretty pictures, and see the facts."

The developer, SunCal, plans to continue working with the city on Alameda Point, at least until its contract expires in July.

"We're resolved to move forward. The good news is that most Alameda voters believe something needs to happen at Alameda Point, and there's clear support for a vital, mixed use, transit-oriented development there," said Adam Alberti, a spokesman for the Yes on B campaign.