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Bay Nature: Alameda Point Harbor Seals Thriving on a New Dock, March 8, 2017 Story 03/09/2017
Alameda Sun: Point Developer Asks for Some More Time, January 12, 2017 Story 01/14/2017
Alameda Sun: No Vacancy on Float for Harbor Seals, January 12, 2017 Story 01/14/2017
East Bay Times: Alameda: Seals, lots and lots of them, are gathering, December 29, 2016 Story 12/29/2016
NBC Bay Area: 'Full House': Number of Harbor Seals at Alameda Point Reach Record High, December 19, 2016 Story 12/21/2016
Alameda Sun: Ferry Facility Dedicated, September 22, 2016 Story 09/23/2016
East Bay Times: Canopy design proposed for ferry terminal, September 21, 2016 Story 09/22/2016
East Bay Times: Alameda breaks ground on $49 million ferry operations center, September 15, 2016 Story 09/16/2016
San Francisco Business Times: In wake of troubled service, ferry system orders three new boats for $62M, September 14, 2016 Story 09/15/2016
East Bay Times: Alameda: $45 million ferry facility to break ground, September 6, 2016 Story 09/07/2016
Memo from Chief Operating Officer Alameda Point and Redevelopment Project Manager, Base Reuse to Historical Advisory Board regarding ferry terminal at Seaplane Lagoon, September 1, 2016 Documents 08/28/2016
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Harbor seals adapting to new float, August 12, 2016 Documents 08/12/2016
Mercury News: Forget Pier 39: Harbor seals find spot in East Bay, August 10, 2016 Story 08/10/2016
Sierra Club Yodeler: Harbor seals get new float at Alameda Point, August 4, 2016 Story 08/06/2016
East Bay Times: Alameda Point: Hundreds tour, view Seaplane Lagoon plans, July 27, 2016 Story 07/28/2016
Alameda Sun: Seaplane Lagoon the Talk of the Town, Juldy19, 2016 Story 07/20/2016
Golden Gate Birder: Harbor seal haven in Alameda, July 18, 2016 Story 07/19/2016
Alameda Sun: New Hope for Harbor Seals, July 14, 2016 Story 07/16/2016
Alameda Sun: BCDC to Discuss Ferry, May 31, 2016 Story 06/03/2016
East Bay Times: Alameda: New ferry terminal before Planning Board, May 4, 2016 Story 05/05/2016
Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal Plan, April 5, 2016 Documents 05/01/2016
Memo from Base Reuse Director and Redevelopment Project Manager, Base Reuse to Planning Board Regarding Study Session to Provide Direction on Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal Design, May 9 2016 Documents 05/01/2016
Alameda Sun: Ferry Facility Can Begin Construction, April 14, 2016 Story 04/16/2016
East Bay Times: Richmond, Alameda firms share contract to build bay ferry operations and maintenance facility, April 8, 2016 Story 04/09/2016
Alameda Sun: Meetings Discuss Fate of Ferries this Week, April 7, 2016 Story 04/09/2016
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding New Ferry Terminal at the Seaplane Lagoon at Alameda Point, Approving a [MOU} between the City of Alameda and the Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) to Provide a Framework, April 5. 2016 Documents 03/24/2016
Contra Costa Times: Bay Area ferry agency to hold meeting in Alameda, March 23, 2016 Story 03/24/2016
Memo from Chief Operating Officer - Alameda Point to Transportation Commission Regarding Water Emergency Transportation Agency Strategic Plan and Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal, March 23, 2016 Documents 03/19/2016
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Navy adds a wetland and grassland, February 29, 2016 Documents 02/29/2016
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Response to City Council Referral Regarding a Possible Wetlands Mitigation Bank at Alameda Point, March 1, 2016 Documents 02/18/2016