NBC Bay Area: 'Full House': Number of Harbor Seals at Alameda Point Reach Record High, December 19, 2016


The folks at Alameda Point Harbor are pretty stoked: The “seal monitors” counted a record number of harbor seals floating on a concrete dock taken on Tuesday, beating last year's high set on Christmas Day.

“That’s a record for the year and surpasses last year’s record of 38,” which was set on Dec. 25, 2016, the group wrote on its Facebook page. “It looks pretty much like a full house now.”

The group has been keeping track of the harbor seal count for more than a month now. On Nov. 29, there were just 26 of the harbor seals crammed onto the 500-square-foot floating platform.

The dock is about 900 feet away from a dredging operation for the new ferry maintenance facility at Alameda Point.