Memo: Contract in the Amount of $165,495.00, including Contingency, to Hydromax USA for Asset Mapping and Cross Connection Identification for Alameda Point's Water Infrastructure, April 4, 2017



1. Contract


The City of Alameda owns the water distribution facilities at Alameda Point (AP). The existing water system connects to the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) system at three EBMUD meters on Main Street and distributes potable and fire water to all areas within AP. The water facilities were installed by the Navy and the majority of the system is over 60 years old. The system has deteriorated and requires frequent maintenance, much of which is accomplished through a joint powers agreement with the EBMUD. The City is in need of a variety of services to improve the operation and maintenance of the water distribution system and to minimize risk to public health and safety.

The City is in need of improved asset mapping in Geographic Information System (GIS) format so that operational and other repair work can be tracked and scheduled in Public Works’ maintenance management system. In addition, the system valves and fire hydrants need testing, and the pipes need leak detection surveying. The City also requires testing for potential cross connections between the fire and potable water services, as these cross connections can impact water quality.