KRON: Alameda neighborhood may not be able to use, drink tap water for one week, September 13, 2017

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But Liam Garland, acting director of public works, says outside of flushing a toilet, the water is still not safe enough to use.

“Our best bet at this point is that an irrigation line that is fed by a well out here in Alameda Point…that that irrigation line had a cross connection with the water pipes here,” Garland said. “…And that there was a failure of what’s called a backflow preventer and that…led to that irrigation water getting into our drinking water system.”

Crews are still not sure about the cause of the contamination.

Initially, the advisory issued by the city Tuesday was for 48 hours.

But the city says it’s possible residents, like Laniohan and his family, will be asked to avoid using their water through the end of the week.