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Bloomberg: This Armada of Saildrones Could Conquer the Ocean, May 15, 2018 Story 05/15/2018
MultiFamily Executive: Trammell Crow Residential to Start $1B Mixed-Use Waterfront Development Near San Franciso, April 23, 2018 Story 04/24/2018
ABC7News: The Ocean Cleanup prepares to fight plastic with plastic in Alameda, April 18, 2018 Story 04/19/2018
KTVU: World's first ocean cleanup system to be launched from Alameda, April 18, 2018 Story 04/19/2018
Memo Regarding Certificate of Approval & Design Review - Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal, April 18, 2018 Documents 04/15/2018
Alameda Magazine: Infrastructure Bond in Limbo, April 2, 2018 Story 04/03/2018
East Bay Times: New homes could open in three years at Alameda Point, developer says, March 29, 2018 Story 03/29/2018
San Francisco Business Times: After 20 years of setbacks, $1 billion East Bay waterfront project to start construction, March 20, 2018 Story 03/21/2018
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Site A mixed-use construction poised to commence, March 4, 2018 Documents 03/08/2018
East Bay Time: Council clears permit hurdle for Alameda Point developers, March 8, 2018 Story 03/08/2018
Memo Regarding Agreement with Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects in the Amount of up to $1,604,676 in Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Renewable Annually by the City Manager for up to Four Additional Years, March 6, 2018 Documents 02/23/2018
Alameda Sun: Seaplane Landings Draw Rebuke, February 20, 2018 Story 02/22/2018
Alameda Sun: Cleanup Project Finds Home at Point, February 20, 2018 Story 02/22/2018
East Bay Times: Environmental company to clean ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ from Alameda, February 15, 2018 Story 02/15/2018
New Atlas: Ocean Cleanup Project moves into old naval station ahead of mid-year deployment, February 13, 2018 Story 02/14/2018
Memo Regarding Report on Interim Inspection, Testing, Preliminary Analyses and Reporting Services for Rehabilitation of Piers 1, 2, and 3 at Alameda Point, January 16, 2018 Documents 01/04/2018
Memo Regarding Third Amendment to the Long Term Sublease Between the City of Alameda and the US Department of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD), November 21, 2017 Documents 11/09/2017
East Bay Express: Regulators Probe Alameda Sewage Controversy, November 1, 2017 Story 11/01/2017
Memo Regarding Contract in the Amount of $1,122,055, including a 15% Contingency, to Carlson, Barbee & Gibson, Inc. for Civil Engineering Services to Replace Backbone Infrastructure in Alameda Point's Reuse Area to EBMUD Standards, October 17, 2017 Documents 10/06/2017
Contract in the Amount of $165,495.00, including Contingency, to Hydromax USA for Asset Mapping and Cross Connection Identification for Alameda Point’s Water Infrastructure, April 4, 2017 Documents 09/23/2017
Memo: Receive an Update on Recent Water Quality Issue at Alameda Point, October 3, 2017 Documents 09/23/2017
East Bay Times: New housing planned for same residents hit with tainted tap water in Alameda, September 21, 2017 Story 09/21/2017
KTVU: Alameda Point 'do-not-drink' water advisory lifted, September 15, 2017 Story 09/16/2017
KRON: Alameda neighborhood may not be able to use, drink tap water for one week, September 13, 2017 Story 09/13/2017
KRON: Water not drinkable, usable in parts of Alameda for next 48 hours, September 12, 2017 Story 09/13/2017
City of Alameda Press Release: Water Quality Alert at Alameda Point, September 2017 Documents 09/12/2017
KPIX: High-Tech ‘Saildrones’ To Help Predict El Niño, Collect Climate Data, September 6, 2017 Story 09/07/2017
Alameda Sun: Local Inventors Gain International Attention, August, 24, 2017 Story 08/27/2017
East Bay Times: Work on Alameda’s ferry center hits milestone, August 3, 2017 Story 08/04/2017
Memo Regarding Recommendation to Approve Allocation of Fee Credits for East Bay Municipal Utility District System Capacity Charges (SCC) and Wastewater Capacity Fees (WCF) at Alameda Point for City Facilities, Existing Tenants and Upcoming, July 18, 2017 Documents 07/10/2017