Alameda Magazine: Infrastructure Bond in Limbo, April 2, 2018


Nevertheless, more than two decades after the closure of the Alameda Naval Air Station and almost five years since the Navy conveyed Alameda Point to the city for $1, development of the prime coastal property has moved at a glacial pace — in part, due to the crumbling infrastructure. The city’s master plan for Alameda Point lays out $600 million in infrastructure upgrades, including $21 million for drinking water improvements, said Garland. But part of the grand pitch in 2003 for development was a policy of fiscal neutrality that, in effect, said potential developers at Alameda Point would foot the bill for infrastructure improvements — not taxpayers. Using some of the proceeds from the proposed ballot measure would run the risk of violating this pact with Alameda residents, said Councilmember Jim Oddie (as did Vella).