Memo Regarding Agreement with Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects in the Amount of up to $1,604,676 in Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Renewable Annually by the City Manager for up to Four Additional Years, March 6, 2018


1. Ferry Terminal Plan

2. Statement of Qualification

3. Fee Proposal/Scope of Work

4. Contract for Architectural and Engineering Services


Award of the contract with MWDL, in advance of the closing of Site A and the $10 million promissory note from APP, will allow the project design, in particular the float design, to advance quickly to potentially take advantage of an opportunity for significant cost savings by coordinating the float construction and delivery with the Port of San Francisco and their Mission Bay ferry terminal project. The coordinated effort would save approximately $700,000 by splitting the transportation costs which are estimated at $1.3 million for one float shipped from Texas through the Panama Canal. Details of the procurement and cooperation agreements with the Port of San Francisco are under discussion.

Funding and award of the MWDL contract now, will allow the City to get a jump on the design and permitting process to start construction in the 2019 in-water work window that is critical for completing construction in time for commencing operations of the Seaplane Lagoon terminal in 2020, and will take advantage of the potential $700,000 savings described above. To award the contract is it necessary to cover the full cost of the contract with existing funding sources. Staff proposes using sources of funding that are currently available from the $1.35 million APP Option Extension Payment along with $254,675 from the Tideland Trust Fund until Site A closes and the $10 million is available to reimburse expenditures. Any minimal design expenses incurred from the date of the Notice to Proceed to the close of Site A or if Site A does not close, would be paid from the non-refundable portion of the Option Extension Payment. The remaining Option Extension Payment and Tideland Trust funds would be reallocated back to the original source of funding.

Below is an assessment of the various potential outcomes of using the $1.35 Extension payment and the $150,000 reimbursable portion to fund the contract now, in light of the uncertainty of when or if Site A closes.