Environmental Issues

Title Content Type Post date
San Francisco Chronicle: S.F. approves Treasure Island plan, June 8, 2011 Story 06/08/2011
Letter from the Center on Urban Environmental Law regarding Open Space and Parkland at Alameda Point, May 20, 2011 Documents 05/24/2011
Tern Watch: Volunteer Predator Watch Program Documents 05/11/2011
The Island: Point Being: Are Point veggies safe?, April 26, 2011 Story 04/26/2011
San Francisco Examiner: San Francisco's Treasure Island project moves forward with vote of approval, April 21, 2011 Story 04/23/2011
San Francisco Chronicle: Treasure Island: potential future of urban life, April 20, 2011 Story 04/20/2011
San Francisco Chronicle: Treasure Island: ambitious plan for development, April 17,2011 Story 04/19/2011
The Island: Point Being: March Mudness, March 29, 2011 Story 03/29/2011
Statement of Qualifications for University of California Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Second Campus, Submitted by Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority, March 4, 2011 Documents 03/06/2011
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Approving an Environmental Testing Contract with Pacific EcoRisk to Support 2011 Dredging in an Amount not to Exceed $138,740 to be Reimbursed by the Maritime Administration [MARAD], March 2, 2011 Documents 03/02/2011
Memo from Planning Services Manager to Planning Board Regarding Alameda Point Community Planning Process Update, February 28, 2011 Documents 02/25/2011
Alameda Magazine: Turning Point for the Terns: It’s Wildlife Refuge vs. the VA at Alameda Point, December 2010 Story 12/14/2010
EPA, Alameda Naval Air Station, Building 5/5A Demolition [and reuse] Scenarios and Related Estimates, October 2010 Documents 12/03/2010
The Alameda Point [Interactive] Online Workbook, November 22, 2010 Documents 11/22/2010
SF Public Press: Huge development on fringe of Bay sparks debate over ‘smart growth’, November 10, 2010 Story 11/10/2010
The Island: City officials restart planning process for Point, October 7, 2010 Story 10/07/2010
Alameda Journal: Alameda leaders back veterans clinic, columbarium at Alameda Point Story 09/02/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Churches need not apply in city's vision for Treasure Island Story 08/13/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Fast-track sought for Treasure Island project Story 08/12/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council Recommending Approval of Resolution Denying SunCal's Modified Optional Entitlement, July 20 , 2010 Documents 07/15/2010
New York Times: Green Developments, and Tension Aplenty Story 07/04/2010
SF Public Press: Can Treasure Island realize its ecotopian dream? Story 06/26/2010
San Mateo County Times: More Bay, less Area Sea level rise will threaten residents but Bay Area has no comprehensive protection strategy Story 06/13/2010
SunCal Activity since May 4, 2010 [May 18, 2010] Documents 05/18/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding SunCal Modified Optional Entitlement Application, May 18, 2010 Documents 05/14/2010
Mother Jones: Tall Is Beautiful Story 05/11/2010
Alameda Sun: Alameda Point EIR Meeting on Tap Story 05/06/2010
Memo From Deputy City Manager and Planning Services Manager to Planning Board regarding SunCal's Entitlement Application, May 10, 2010 Documents 05/06/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Bill to fund efforts to restore bay's wetlands Story 04/23/2010
Notice of Preparation (NOP) of an Environmental Impact Report and Public Scoping Meeting [on May 10th] for the Alameda Point Project Documents 04/22/2010