EPA, Alameda Naval Air Station, Building 5/5A Demolition [and reuse] Scenarios and Related Estimates, October 2010

[Building 5 is the largest building at Alameda Point covering one million square feet. The US Environmental Protection Agency prepared this report to aid in the decision on future use of this building.]


"In preparation for eventual transfer for redevelopment, this report considers Building 5/5A’s reuse. Current discussions are focused on the possibility of demolishing all or portions of the building and this report provides an initial look at some of the economic and environmental considerations involved in the demolition. In light of the challenges associated with a complete analysis of the materials in the building, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 9 requested a cursory look at some of the known issues surrounding the possible demolition of Building 5/5A as well as some “back of the envelope” cost and greenhouse gas emission estimates associated with the demolition. The calculations are based on assumptions about the type and amount of materials at the Site. Information was gathered during a site tour, and from EPA and Department of the Navy documents. Although the calculations are approximate, they provide order of magnitude estimates that will facilitate future discussions regarding reuse of the site.

This report first provides an overview of Building 5/5A. Next, the report offers a short list of precedents for redeveloping Building 5/5A. The report then provides estimates for demolition costs and associated greenhouse gas emissions under four different demolition scenarios. A few considerations apply to demolition activities regardless of the scenario ultimately carried out; these considerations are discussed accordingly."

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