Environmental Issues

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Alameda Sun: Defining the 'Northwest Territories', March 8, 2012 Story 03/08/2012
Memo to Planning Board from Chief Operating Officer, Alameda Point regarding Study Session on the Proposed Land Use Amendments for Alameda Point, March 12, 2012 Documents 03/02/2012
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Direction to Staff to Implement Land Use Amendments Consistent with the Navy's Anticipated Conveyance of Alameda Point Property and the Goals Stated in the Recent Community Process, February 7, 2012 Documents 01/31/2012
Alameda Journal: Ploughshares Nursery, of Alameda, to build new ecocenter, January 20, 2012 Story 01/19/2012
KQED: Six Bay Area Cities Play the Waiting Game, January 13, 2012 Story 01/14/2012
Mercury News: Oakland [SIC] nursery gets grant for 'green' expansion, January 6, 2012 Story 01/06/2012
San Francisco Bay Crossings: Dredging Alameda Point Channel, January 2012 Story 01/02/2012
PBS News Hour: For Wind Energy's Future, Researchers Look High in the Sky, December 5, 2011 Story 12/06/2011
City of Alameda: Alameda Point Going Forward [website] Documents 11/27/2011
Memo from Planning Services Manager to Planning Board Regarding Design Review – New Plan Nursery Building - Ploughshares Nursery (PLN11-0286) at 2701 Main Street, October 24, 2011 Documents 10/18/2011
The State of the Birds San Francisco Bay 2011: Success Stories: Endangered Species: Monitoring and Protecting a California Least Tern Breeding Colony Documents 10/18/2011
The State of the Birds San Francisco Bay 2011: California Least Tern Documents 10/18/2011
Alameda Point VA [Veterans Affairs] [Blog]: VA Project Behind Schedule, But Making Headway, October 9, 2011 Documents 10/09/2011
Nesting Ospreys at Alameda Point - 2011 Video 09/26/2011
Alameda Point sea level rise map from Pacific Institute Documents 09/23/2011
Alameda Times Star: Berkeley lab cites sea levels as concern for possible Alameda campus, September 22, 2011 Story 09/22/2011
Alameda Sun: Point Situation Develops, September 22, 2011 Story 09/22/2011
Center on Urban Environmental Law: Flight Park at Alameda Point, September 1, 2011 Documents 09/22/2011
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Wetlands, Trails, Natural Habitat Concept Drawings for Alameda Point, September 22, 2011 Documents 09/22/2011
Civil Eats: Securing A Food Future In Cities: A Case Study In Repurposing Military Bases, September 8, 2011 Documents 09/11/2011
Alameda Point Environmental Report: The Nesting Ospreys of Alameda Point, September 1, 2011 Documents 09/01/2011
Water Emergency Transportation Authority, Central Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility, March 2011 Documents 08/24/2011
Sierra Club Yodeler: Lawrence Lab plans raise environmental questions, August 22, 2011 Story 08/23/2011
Isle Say: Landing Zone Veterans’ Clinic, July 21, 2011 Documents 07/30/2011
Alameda Journal: Alameda planners look at projected rise in sea levels, July 29, 2011 Story 07/28/2011
Memo from Planning Services Manager to Planning Board regarding Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) Proposed Bay Plan Amendments to Address Sea Level Rise in the San Francisco Bay Area, July 25, 2011 Documents 07/21/2011
Alameda Sun: Least Terns Find Their Way Back, July 15, 2011 Story 07/15/2011
Alameda Point Sustainability Workshop Presentation, June 14, 2011 Documents 06/28/2011
Terns at Alameda Naval Air Station [Video] Documents 06/19/2011