Water Emergency Transportation Authority, Central Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility, March 2011


About The Project

The San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) is proposing a project to construct a Central Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility to serve as the central San Francisco Bay base for WETA's ferry fleet, Operations Control Center, and Emergency Operations Center. The proposed project would provide running maintenance service such as fueling, engine oil changes, concession supply, and light repair work for all WETA ferry boats operating in the San Francisco Bay. The facility would also be the location for operational activities of WETA, including day-to-day management and oversight of service, crew, and facilities. In the event of a regional disaster, the facility would function as an Emergency Operations Center, serving passengers and sustaining water transit service for emergency response and recovery.

The proposed project site is located southeast of the intersection of West Hornet Avenue and Ferry Point Road near Pier 3 in the City of Alameda, within the Naval Air Station Base Realignment and Closure area known as Alameda Point. The project would include a four-story landside building of approximately 25,000 square feet designed to Essential Facilities Standards in accordance with the California Building Code. The proposed marine facility would have an overwater coverage of approximately 20,000 square feet (0.46 acre) and would provide berthing slips for up to 11 vessels with limited capacity to provide berthing for vessels in transit. Construction of the Facility is projected to begin in Fall 2012 and be complete by Spring 2014. A preliminary sketch of the proposed improvements is shown below.