San Francisco Chronicle: Fast-track sought for Treasure Island project


But there is plenty of work, financial and otherwise, that still needs to be done before construction starts.

First, building on an island is complicated. Treasure Island is a flat, low-lying man-made extension of Yerba Buena Island that was built on fill for the 1939-40 Golden Gate International Exposition.

Water is brought in through a 10-inch line that runs along the Bay Bridge from a pumping station on Spear Street in San Francisco. Electricity is routed through a PG&E substation at Seventh and Maritime streets in Oakland while natural gas flows through a submarine pipeline from Oakland.
Limited access

The danger of flooding from rising sea levels and questions about the earthquake stability of the fill under the planned high-rise buildings are problems that will have to be addressed. There's also the continuing issue of how to get thousands of people in and out of the new community when highway access is limited to a pair of ramps onto the Bay Bridge.