Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding SunCal Modified Optional Entitlement Application, May 18, 2010

Memo Outline

Background (Includes Chronology)

Project Description

Evaluation of SunCal Modified OEA
...Land Use Plan
...Transportation Plan
...Sustainability and Climate Change Plan
...Economic Development
...NAS Historic District
...Affordable Housing Plan
...Endangered Species and the Least Tern Colony

Next Steps
...Mandatory Milestones
...Potential of Automatic Extension
...Final Determination

Memo also includes the following attachments
April 13 , 2010 Letter From SunCal regarding Project Description
Base Project Plan and Density Bonus Plan Diagrams (Figure 1)
April 20th Letter From City to SunCal regarding SunCal Submittal
Draft Planning Board Minutes from May 10 , 2010 Public Hearing